The O’Clock Project | A personal photography project

Jun 5, 2019

Creativity was calling and I’d been thinking about starting a new personal photography project when I came across the O’Clock Project on Instagram [see #oclockproject2019]. The project is a month long creativity exercise whereby you choose the craziest hour of your day, then take a photo daily throughout the whole month during your chosen hour to find the beauty in the chaos.

It was just the push I needed, something fun to do for my personal photography. I chose to photograph the beginning of the afternoon witching hour.. you know the one, where hunger and tiredness join forces! In our home, that’s 16:00-17:00!

I set two reminders on my phone, one at the start of my hour, and another five minutes before the end.

In the beginning, I found myself out of the house and without my camera so I quickly had to change my habits there! I really wanted to use my DSLR instead of my smartphone and it was nice to get in the habit of taking my camera out and about with us. Still, there were a few times where I raced home for my camera so I could create something in the last 10 minutes!

I loved looking back at all the images I’d taken at the end of the month, so many memories and moments that I only have thanks to this project.

Here are my favourites from the month:

2 May, 17:07

3 May, 15:53

4 May, 16:06

5 May, 16:54

8 May, 16:26

9 May, 17:00

10 May, 16:01

11 May, 16:34

11 May, 16:42

11 May, 16:42

12 May, 16:23

12 May, 16:24

12 May, 16:48

12 May, 16:59

13 May, 16:56

13 May, 16:59

14 May, 16:33

15 May, 16:47

18 May, 16:41

19 May, 16:53

20 May, 16:00

20 May, 15:59

23 May, 16:57

24 May, 16:03

24 May, 16:07

25 May, 16:34

26 May, 16:26

27 May, 16:18

31 May, 16:11

There’s a very good chance I’ll do this again.. let me know if you’d like to join me!

love Natalie xx


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