My Own Family Photographs

Oct 15, 2019

Family Carstens in Meijendal dunes, Scheveningen

A year has passed since we had these photographs taken of our family. Lea was three years old at the time, but not for long. A few weeks later she would turn four and it would be the start of school for her!

Having our family photographs taken was a wonderful way to bring this chapter to a close. Huge thank you to our photographer, Hanke Arkenbout! Children grow and change so quickly. A few short months later, Lea already looked so different. The pre-school years are over now. My littlest girl is growing up fast. In fact they both are!

This morning, I went to the Albert Heijn (supermarket) at the plein where I used to go every Wednesday with Lea. The scattering of autumn leaves and the quiet of the morning made me a little thoughtful of those days gone by. With Rebekka at school it was always just the two of us. Lea would dance and sing her way around the square, jubilantly shouting “hello” to the greengrocers’ as we passed-by, and to anyone else we saw. She would proudly turn to tell me, “Mama, I said hello!”

With a full shopping trolley which always included something extra that was added by Lea (she loved choosing something just for her!), we’d then go to the florist to choose flowers. I will never forget the day she ran from me and I was too far away to catch her. I knew what was coming before it happened. She thought she was playing a game and she ran from the florist, paused to see if she had my attention, then darted through a couple of parked cars and onto the road before I could reach her. I’m so very thankful the road was quiet at the time. Still now, I remember my mama-heart beating so heavy in my chest as I held her tight.

Lea has always kept me on my toes. She’s a little whirlwind for sure, with a determination all her own. I love that she brings such joy and delight wherever she goes. She will be five in less than a week! I can hardly believe it!

I guess it’s soon time for some updated photos of us! When did you last have family photographs taken? Promise me you’ll capture your family memories in beautiful photos as often as you can. They will become such treasures! If you need a photographer, you know where to find me!

With love,
Natalie xx


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