Make Each Moment Count

March 26, 2020

M A R C H  2 6   “A picture isn’t taken in a moment,” stated the brochure for the Cottonwood, Colorado, hotel. “It’s taken of a moment.”   It took me a long time to learn that important truth. I spent years trying to get my life together and keep it together, as though […]


This year we took the stencil stickers off our pumpkins and decided to draw freehand. Rebekka began drawing on hers, meanwhile I got started on Lea’s – she’d asked for a cat with a heart nose. Then Rebekka looked over and saw what I was doing and decided she no longer wanted the heart-eyes emoji […]


My Own Family Photographs

October 15, 2019

A year has passed since we had these photographs taken of our family. Lea was three years old at the time, but not for long. A few weeks later she would turn four and it would be the start of school for her! Having our family photographs taken was a wonderful way to bring this […]


‘Impressions’ has evolved into a glimpse into my life as a mother and photographer. It’s a memory-bank for my family. I love that about it! It’s become a way of capturing the experiences and moments that I want to remember in the future when the time comes to take a trip down memory lane. It […]


I’m sharing some of our Christmas traditions for this round of ‘Impressions‘. We blend traditions from the UK (where i’m from), Germany (where my husband is from), and The Netherlands (because our children are growing up here). Here’s a glimpse of our December moments.. [1] Decorating the Christmas Tree We bought our Christmas Tree the […]


Time spent with friends, travel to see family, a birthday party and halloween.. here’s a glimpse into our September and October! [1] Friends There is always fun to be had when these four are together. And do you see Bruno the bear nestled in next to Rebekka? He was visiting from Rebekka’s school for a […]



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