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Photography Sessions for families with a newborn baby


Documentary Family Photography with a newborn baby, Photographer Natalie Carstens #nataliecarstensphotographer #maternityphotographer #pregnancy #denhaag #thehague #zuidholland #netherlands

“Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.” – Kartini Diapari-Oengider


To witness a mother love and care for her newborn baby is always so special.

Are you expecting a baby this Spring? Drop me a line to book your session, I would love to photograph this precious time for you.

With love,
Natalie xx


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Family Life: a season of special memories as this family welcomes their fourth baby

three siblings hugging on the sofa | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

three children playing on the floor | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother building train tracks with her children | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father and son playing with a train set | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother and father feeling baby kicking | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father with his son who is pretending to have a baby in his tummy | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

family playing with cushions under their tops pretending they have a baby in their belly | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

a mother with her daughters, one girl playing a guitar while the other one hugs her mama | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

family with young children | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother and her young daughter | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father kissing his newborn baby boy | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

a newborn baby boy laying on a big bed | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

toes and feet from all the family, from papa and mama to the children and the newborn baby. the mother has a tattoo on one foot | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

newborn baby wearing a dinosaur romper/onesie/vest and laying in his parents' arms. the father is kissing his son's hand | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

siblings. baby is sleeping and is being cuddled by his big sister | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

baby boy is sleeping in a Leander hanging cradle | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

grandmother holding her sleeping baby grandson | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

all the family on the sofa with grandma | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

grandma is on the sofa holding her baby grandson and looking towards another of her grandchildren with a big smile on her face | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

newborn baby boy is sleeping in his baby box /crib | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

I love working with this family. They were anticipating the arrival of their second baby when we first met. Now they have welcomed their fourth.

Their home is a wonderful blend of cultures and heritage, changing and evolving over time. We include special items in their photos – a blanket, earrings, clothing, a train set – each piece with it’s own history and story to tell.

They inspire me with the beautiful way that everyone comes together – to play, to eat, to rest. They exude the perfect blend of chaos and calm.

I’m truly captivated by the way the children play and dance in front of my camera, all the while chatting in a language unknown to me. We speak together in actions and a simple mix of Dutch and German. They are happy and I feel their joy.

My heart is full.

These photos tell a piece of their family story, and I am grateful to capture it for them.

You can have memories like these too! Interested? Or ready to book? Send me a message, let’s make plans!

With love,

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From 3 to 4; introducing Lea Renee | 10 days new

I’m absolutely delighted to share the news that our baby girl has arrived – and swiftly I might add! We made a hasty dash to the hospital and only just got there in time, and in the midst of Hurricane Gonzalo too! Lea’s birth was incredible and I’m so grateful for such an amazing experience, and for those that shared it with us.

We are totally overwhelmed with love, and big sister Rebekka is so sweet with her little sister – honestly, watching the two of them sometimes I feel my heart might burst!! Rebekka has grown up so much in these last couple of weeks, she’s amazing!

Two girls! We are a family of four! *LOVE*

We’ve been keeping little Lea all to ourselves and for our early visitors, and so many of you have been asking for photos (and for visits!) – well, here she is!

Introducing Lea Renee…

Newborn Baby Girl - Natalie Carstens

Newborn Baby Girl - Natalie Carstens

Newborn Baby Girl - Natalie Carstens

Lea Renee
born at 22:00 on 21 October 2014
weighing 4035g (8lb 14oz)
53cm (20 ¾ inches) long

Thank you so much to everyone for all your lovely messages of congratulations. We are very blessed and so happy!

With love,

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Welcome, Dash!

Oh isn’t he just the sweetest! I very much enjoyed snuggles with this little man :-)




He looks mighty edible, doesn’t he? Soft cheeks, little nose, belly wrinkles and tiny toes…

Oh, I’m so ready to be a mama to a newborn again! ;-)

With love,

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quietly dreaming | a newborn baby girl, 6 days new

Newborn Baby Girl | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

Introducing Grace, a sleepy little bundle of absolute perfection. She was truly a delight to photograph.

Newborn Baby Girl | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

I witnessed such beautiful ‘in-between’ moments too, like the one above. It was so lovely to watch mama love and take care of her little girl.

Newborn Baby Girl | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

Hope you enjoyed this little preview…

With love,

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sweet newborn goodness. a baby boy | 9 days new

Need a smile today?

I am sure this Mama’s beautiful baby boy will melt your heart in the same way he does mine…






Dante was such a delight to photograph, it’s been wonderful to share in his early weeks of life; photographing him when he was just 9 days new, seeing him growing bigger when we met a second time during a personalised ordering session, and again when I delivered the photos to his Mama. He is adorable, I love the big smiles he’s giving now, so cute! His family are certainly blessed to have him in their lives.

I hope we meet again, little one… in the meantime, I will enjoy seeing updates from your Mama via Facebook :-)

With love,
~ Natalie

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sweet newborn baby boy | 10 days new

Oh goodness, be still my aching ovaries! This adorable baby boy was so sleepy and content whilst I was photographing him, barely opening his eyes the whole time I was there.

Introducing, Evan…

newborn baby boy, sleeping | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

There is something so special about black-and-white photographs, they’re so timeless and classic, and show all those perfect little fresh-baby details beautifully!

sleeping newborn baby boy, hands detail | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

And of course, colour images are wonderful too!

newborn baby boy, sleeping with Packers' football | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

Something tells me Evan will grow up to be a Packers fan, just like his father! ;)

newborn baby boy asleep | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

I love that I got to meet him again when I delivered the photos to his parents. An extra dose of snuggles was a perfect little treat for me whilst his Mama carefully unwrapped her portrait order.

Have a lovely week!

With love,

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perfection | newborn baby girl, 13 days new

Newborn Baby | Natalie Carstens, Birth Story Photographer The Hague

Newborn Baby | Natalie Carstens, Birth Story Photographer The Hague

Oh, she is just absolute perfection!

There is something magical that happens when brand new babies are awake… all those gorgeous little sounds and movements they make as they discover the world around them is just as captivating to watch as when they are quietly sleeping.

I shared a few photos of her sleeping peacefully in a previous post but I love that we also had a little awake time during her newborn baby session and had to share these too.

Those first days are so fleeting, isn’t it wonderful how photos can take you right back to those very special moments…

With love,

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peaceful baby girl

Sleeping newborn baby girl's toes Sleeping newborn baby girl

Sleeping babies, they exude a gentle feeling of peace and it’s so wonderful when you can feel that peacefulness wrap around you. Looking at these images takes me right back to those wonderful peaceful moments and I find myself letting out a gentle sigh of happiness.

More from this session coming soon.

With love,

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our little Rebekka, just 10 days new

How quickly the days turn into weeks! I’m so glad we made time for a sleepy newborn photo session for Rebekka – of which the preparation took longer than the session itself. We promptly finished when she pooped on one of my favourite blankets before I got a chance to take any photos with it. And then it was time for a feed and snuggles with mummy, and the non-existent photos on the poop-covered blanket were all forgotten.

At six weeks old now, Rebekka has already changed so much. It’s amazing to look back on all the photos we took during her first days. Below are a few of my favourites from her special newborn session when she was just 10 days new :)

Rebekka… you are SO much loved, adored, admired… and your sweet new baby smell *sigh* if only I could bottle that up to keep for always! xx

With love,

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