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Mindful Birth – childbirth preparation courses: a choice of three half-day Saturday workshops in Oegstgeest (between Den Haag and Amsterdam), or a self-study online course. Everything you’d expect from a birth preparation course as well as learning mindfulness skills, proven to help cope with pain. Private lessons are also available.

Body, Mind and Soul Retreat Days – for expectant, new and experienced Mums. Total nurture! Celebrate yourself, your motherhood and learn how to rest and care for yourself in new ways. Ideas that you can come back to again and again.

Birth in Holland – childbirth preparation courses: Essential Birth, Confident Birth & Early Days, Confident Birth & Parenting. Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft

Find a Doula &

Perinatal Physio – physical therapy for pregnancy and post-partum. Statenkwatier, The Hague

Body Flex 100% Catharina (Frederikstraat, The Hague) – pilates and yoga during pregnancy and post-pregnancy (available on request)

Helen Marshall – lactation consultant (and independent kraamzorg) offering consultations in the comfort of your own home (The Hague)

Chiropractie Noordzee (The Hague) – chiropractic care, with specialties in pediatric chiropractic (Ceci Wong) and sports chiropractic (Thomas Halyk)

Chiropractie Stegeman (Scheveningen) – Chiropractor, Kai Holm, is specialising in the treatment of children and pregnant women

Ivo Trouw (The Hague and Voorburg) – osteopath specialising in the treatment of babies and children

BodyFlex4You (Bloemenbuurt, The Hague) – massage therapy with Maaike Lefarre (including pregnancy massage using a special bodycushion, allowing you to lay on your stomach)

Amsterdam Mamas – an independent, peer supported information service for English speaking parents and parents-to-be in and around Amsterdam

Babyconcertjes – live music performances for you and your baby (age 0-2 years) in The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam

Ukkieconcert – weekly concerts for toddlers at De Nieuwe Regentes theatre; a journey through the world of sounds with singing, playing and dancing

Koffie en Kind – café with large play area on Laan van Poot, The Hague (open weekday mornings during school term time)

BabyBeGood Baby Gift Box – a sustainable gift box for parents (to-be) and their babies

Stichting Baby Hope – donate left over items in your kraampakket for new mothers in Africa, India, South America & Eastern Europe

Miscarriage Support in the Netherlands – an article with links to resources and support groups to help you navigate your way through this painful experience


Communities for parents and parents-to-be in The Hague

Bumps and Babies, Den Haag – international social group for pregnant women and mothers with babies, meeting every Friday morning &

Rainbow Tots – an English speaking playgroup meeting every Tuesday and Wednesday morning in The Hague

Mothers and Munchkins Den Haag – a Facebook group for discussions, sharing advice and arranging fun days out

Parenting and The Hague – a community of parents helping other parents adjust in The Hague (monthly gatherings in Zeeheldenkwatier and Bezuidenhout)

Leidschendam-Voorburg Mums and Babies – a Facebook group for Mums and Dads living in Leidschendam-Voorburg

Scheveningen Mamas – a Facebook group for Mum’s of the Scheveningen area with young children, for meetups, playdates, advice, opinions etc.

Friends of Wassenaar – for the Wassenaar community: advice, questions, items for sale and event listings

Working Mothers The Hague – for working moms to share their experiences, advice, and support to make that daily juggle a bit more manageable

Den Haag natural parenting – topics include: attachment parenting, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, communication, nutrition and recipes, alternative medicine and vaccinations

Den Haag Mamas – a place to seek and exchange information and/ or share experiences as parents or parents to be

Positive Birth Movement The Hague – for mums, mums-to-be, birth partners and birth professionals to meet for tea, cake and a chat about positive birth experiences

Mamas for Mamas Babysitting Den Haag – a babysitting cooperative! Do you need a babysitter from time to time but don’t want to pay money? Do you have time to occassionally babysit yourself? Then this system works for you.

Den Haag Mamas – Buy/Sell/Swap/Donate – a group for Den Haag based mamas to post items they would like to buy/sell/swap/donate


Communities for parents and parents-to-be in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Mamas – a group for English speaking parents and parents-to-be in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands

Amsterdam Babywearers – learn about babywearing, meet fellow babywearers and even buy sell and trade your carriers

Amsterdam Natural Parents Network – for parents who follow gentle, intuitive, conscious &/or attachment/connective parenting

Amsterdam Business Mamas – whether you are employed, self employed or looking to start work again you can find support from other working mamas (and papas!) here


Communities for parents and parents-to-be in other cities

DelftMaMa – The official facebook group for the Stichting DelftMaMa community.

Rotterdam Mamas – friendship, support and advice to English speaking and expatriate families

Rotterdam Business Mamas – support from other working mamas and papas, parent friendly job opportunities, and tips on running your own business while balancing family life

Utrecht Mamas – a subgroup of Amsterdam Mamas connecting parents in Utrecht

Utrecht Business Mamas – for working parents: a place to help each other, barter services, offer internships or ask for hand as well as promote each others businesses