Balancing Hormones: A conversation with Johanne Bade of Fit & Fabulous Moms

May 20, 2019

I’m delighted to introduce you to Johanne Bade!

Johanne and I met at the Feel at Home Fair for internationals living in The Hague. We were both helping out on the stand for the Women’s Business Initiative International, of which we are both members. Her energy and enthusiasm instantly drew me in and I became very curious about her work as a Hormone Balance coach for mums. I wanted to share more about it, and so we arranged to meet up for a mini-interview! Originally, I was going to transcribe it here, but it was such a wonderful conversation that I encourage you to listen to it instead!

We talk about her work, and what brings her joy and energy, some surprising facts, as well as some really valuable tips for any (relatively) new mums that might be listening.

I found it so interesting to hear how much hormones affect our weight and energy levels. In Johanne’s holistic and personalised approach, you’ll discover the delicate balance between stress, fitness and what you eat. Using this knowledge and understanding we can make adjustments, even little ones, to influence our hormone balance and change our health in a hugely positive way.

Our conversation took place in the kitchen, the heart of the home, so please excuse the occasional gurgling of the dishwasher and the few other kitchen noises that creep in towards the end of our conversation.


Balancing hormones – understanding the relationship between stress, fitness and food for optimal weight(-loss) and energy. A conversation with Johanne Bade of Fit & Fabulous Moms [AUDIO]

(Quick tip: are you listening on a smartphone? The audio plays with your screen locked so put your earbuds in and listen on the go!)

Did you hear something you’d like to learn more about? Or would you like to find out more about coaching with Johanne? Head over to her website at

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I would love to have more conversations like this.. would you like to hear them? Please let me know!

Invitation: The Center for Healthy Mamas

Johanne and I continued our conversation after the recording and I’m excited to also share her plans for “The Center for Healthy Mamas” – an initiative of Fit and Fabulous Moms, which is coming to The Hague in 2020. I think it’s such a fabulous concept.

Vision: bringing together amazing women (who also happen to be mothers) to inspire and support one another.

The Center for Healthy Mamas needs you!
You are invited to join a one-time brainstorm session to support the development of the center. Exciting! Would you like to join the brainstorm session? Be quick, it’s happening in June! Call or message Johanne via 06-37559167. I hope to see you there!

With love,
Natalie xx


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