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I find myself drawn to comparison photos of the girls lately; photos taken in the same places but months/years apart. When I look back and compare, it really shows how fleeting these early years are and how fast our girls are growing up! Here’s a glimpse into our January and February.. [1] Writing notes for our Happiness Jar Our Happiness […]


We’ve had more than our fair share of winter illnesses zap our energy over the past couple of months, so I haven’t been out and about with my camera as much as I would have liked. 2017 is looking bright though and i’m so excited for all the babies – family, friends and clients! It’s going to […]


Our Happiness Jar

January 9, 2017

Have you heard of a Happiness Jar? On New Year’s Eve, my husband and I took it in turns to read my happiness notes from 2016. It was the first year I kept a Happiness Jar (putting memories and happy thoughts in it almost daily throughout the year). It was fun to recap the year this […]


Whilst selecting images for this month’s blog circle, it hit me. My girls are growing up. Fast. Woah! My mama-heart made me choose only photos of them to share with you for this round of Impressions. These are memories I hold dear to my heart. Enjoy.. [1] Toes, and upside down reading. Oh goodness, my heart flipped at […]


An Image that Speaks Volumes ( a personal project ) Personal projects are a great adventure that often lead us through the most unlikely of paths. Our intention in starting this project is to hone our skills and see where this particular path takes us. We would love it if you joined us on this adventure. […]


[1] Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam Haha! A new zoo exhibit :-D [2] Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam Another one to add to the collection of  Rebekka’s “growing taller” series! :-) [3] Meijendal Dunes, Scheveningen The wind was rustling all the leaves that day.. it was beautiful. [4] Meijendal Dunes, Scheveningen Such a pretty view, I photograph it often! This is a […]



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