elves (kabouters) in the woods

Impressions from January & February 2021 : a personal project

The weeks went fast, it’s already time for another round of Impressions. Here’s a glimpse of our January and February!

Lea missing her two front teeth

New milestone reached – Lea’s now missing her top two front teeth! Her wobbly tooth finally came out (I can’t believe how long it clung on!).

snow in the garden

snow in the garden

We had a snowstorm in Scheveningen! Waking up to lots of snow on a Sunday morning in February was so exciting for the girls and they made a beeline for the garden. Lea’s feet froze before too long though and she soon came inside to warm up. I wrapped her up in one of our warmest blankets on the sofa, she looked like a caterpillar in a cocoon with only her head visible! Rebekka stayed outside much longer and built a miniature Elsa statue and a snow fort to protect her.

de Watertoren, Scheveningen, in the snow

I got to wear my snow boots and snow gear for the first time in years! I headed out into the snow for a walk in the Meijendal dunes whilst it was still snowing. It was beautiful. The next day, and all week long, the girls and I walked to and from school in the snow. They loved pelting me with snowballs on the walks back home!

Jumping in the woods, Rijswijk

Geocaching log book and surprise

We’ve signed up for a Geocaching account (treasure hunting with GPS/Geocaching app) and it’s been so good at getting all of us outdoors together – even in the rain! The girls look forward to our treasure hunts – whenever the weekend comes around and we ask them what they’d like to do, they always choose geocaching! The best part is that we’re exploring new places that we wouldn’t have otherwise gone to, locally as well as further afield. There are geocaches hidden all over the world so when we finally get to visit our family in the UK and on the island of Sylt, Germany, you know what we’ll be doing whilst we’re there – we already checked to see if there are geocaches in the local area ;-)

The first time we went out by car to go geocaching, we took a wrong turn and ended up on a new stretch of motorway that didn’t display on our satnav and found ourselves in a long tunnel. We later discovered it was the newly opened Victory Boogie Woogietunnel, named after Mondrian’s last unfinished painting, the Victory Boogie Woogie. We passed directly underneath our ‘destination’ flag on the satnav and didn’t have a clue where we’d end up! When we came out of the other side we found ourselves in Rijswijk and decided to head for the nearest park or woods and look for geocaches there instead, and that’s what we did! It was so nice to accidentally discover somewhere new and I think we found 4 geocaches that day, including the one above.

Spring crocuses in bloom

Spring has arrived in our garden! The crocuses were the first of our bulbs to start flowering this year. A few snowdrops have come up too, and right now there are plenty of daffodils. I planted lots of new bulbs in autumn and i’m so excited for the new tulips to bloom (my favourite flower), only the leaves are up so far. I’m patiently waiting..

6-year-old baking in the kitchen

father and daughters baking in the kitchen

child adding sugar to pancakes

On a slow Sunday morning we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, made almost entirely by the girls (with a little assistance from Papa). And the baking didn’t stop there, they made brownies that day too!

child constructing cardboard animals

child constructing cardboard animals

Since we couldn’t be together at Christmas, my Dad sent our Christmas presents in the post. There was a lot of excitement opening everything and some happy dancing around the living room with new blankets for our ‘pizza and movie’ nights, and then the girls spent a long time building these cardboard animals.

child painting a canvas on an easel

8-year-old jumping on an outdoor trampoline

elves (kabouters) in the woods

children watching sheep at sunset

a family of shadows in nature

We went geocaching in Westerpark in Zoetermeer and it’s beautiful there! We’ve been twice now and plan to return. It’s such a lovely area for walking in (plenty of geocaches to find too!).

‘Impressions’ is a creative project by an eclectic group of female photographers from around the globe. Every other month, we share a selection of images that tell the story of what inspired us in the previous weeks. We are free to explore the meaning of ‘impressions’, and it is likely to change month to month.

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With love,
Natalie xx


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