Impressions from November & December : a personal project

Jan 20, 2016

Skipping over November, a month of sickness for all of us (I’m reminded by numerous photos of the girls snuggled up and sleeping), let’s enjoy December for this round of Impressions!




[1-3] Getting out of the ‘Funk’. Meijendal Dunes, Scheveningen
In the moments when I endure waves of sadness and grief, the extreme joy around me at this time of year can all too easily make those moments feel like a heavy weight sinking me to the ground. How to get out of the funk? For me, there are two fail-safe steps: 1. pick up my camera, and 2. head out into nature. It’s soothing for the soul. I feel lighter. I’m present. Funk officially kicked to the curb. :-)


[4] Joy
Looking at this photo, I can’t help but smile. I hear laughter! Who knew empty bottles could be so much fun! Kicking them here.. throwing them there.. <3


[5] Faces and letters
Mid-December, Rebekka started drawing faces.. a head, eyes, nose, mouth, with stick arms and stick legs. They’ve evolved a lot since then (now with eyelashes, and a belly, sometimes a skirt! – stay tuned, I might share an update in the next Impressions!) She’s started writing too. What began as squiggly lines, have become almost recognisable letters (bottom-middle is her name). She quickly favoured writing the letter ‘p’ and sometimes ‘a’. We thought she was on the way to spelling Papa, but no. ‘p’ is Mama. ‘p’ is Papa, ‘p’ is Bekka, ‘p’ is Lea. And it is still the same now. :-D


[6] Christmas Eve
As is traditional in Germany, presents are opened on Christmas Eve. So when the girls came home from the creche, they got to open presents from their German relatives. Rebekka went to bed repeatedly saying she must “sleep good” because Father Christmas was bringing more presents in the night. (Took a fair bit of explaining this year.. Sinterklaas, der Weihnachtsmann, and Father Christmas!! Rebekka is very much into Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet!)


[7] Christmas Morning
(Surprisingly, they both slept really well!) ..Father Christmas had been in the night while they were sleeping – Rebekka was very excited! – and we all opened the rest of our presents on Christmas Morning while still in our pyjamas (as is traditional for my side of the family). Oh, those tiny toes..!!


[8] Our Family, Christmas Day
All four of us together; the rarest of photos. Whether ‘selfies’ like this one (so quick and easy to do!), setting up the camera on a tripod, or booking a family photographer, we should really make family photos a habit. I have plenty of photos of the girls, now it’s time to get Mama and Papa in the photo with them. I’m embarking on a monthly series of family photos that we’ll enjoy looking back on at the end of the year, and also in many years from now. This is a must.

Impressions‘ is a creative project by an eclectic group of female photographers from around the globe. We aim to share the inspiration behind what we do through our bi-monthly posts.

Every other month, we will be sharing 8 images that tell the story of what inspired us in the previous weeks: our families, nature, weather, or maybe even work itself! We are free to explore the meaning of ‘impressions’, and it is likely to change month to month.

Say hello in the comments below and then hop on over to see what Vinita of Vinita Salomé Photography is sharing this month :-) Then continue clicking through the circle till you make it back here – I hope you enjoy all our posts!

Till next time..!

With love,
~ Natalie


  1. Kim

    Ohmygoodness… The cute little foot with the torn wrapping paper… (okay, I’m a total baby foot junky) #4 makes my heart so full!

    • Natalie

      Your comment brought a smile to my face this morning, thank you! I love baby feet too! Especially the teeny tiny wrinkly kind <3

  2. Vinita

    OMG I love that baby foot image too!!! Can’t help but agree with Kim!! Glad the funk is kicked to the curb and miss the girls soo much! Love the beauty of it all! x

    • Natalie

      <3 Thank you, Vini :-) Looking forward to catching up in person soon!! xx

  3. Susanne

    LOVE hearing about your Christmas traditions! And that baby foot… darling! Your girls are so cute.

    • Natalie

      :-) Thank you for your lovely words, Suzanne!


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