Impressions from January & February 2018 : a personal project

Mar 28, 2018

‘Impressions’ has evolved into a glimpse into my life as a mother and photographer. It’s a memory-bank for my family. I love that about it!

It’s become a way of capturing the experiences and moments that I want to remember in the future when the time comes to take a trip down memory lane. It holds the memories I want my children to know were important to me.

Impressions holds me accountable for backing up and sorting through the many personal photos I take (especially with my phone!) and selecting favourites on a regular basis. If you’ve ever tried organising your digital photo collection, you’ll know how overwhelming and time-consuming this task can be if you leave it too long! I love looking though favourite images and moments, and adding a caption or memory to the ones I share here.

Here’s my Impressions for January and February..

A visit from family

We began the year with a visit from my Dad, his wife and granddaughter. I took Rebekka and her cousin out for a fun afternoon at the beach one day – just the three of us. We had planned on going to Glow Golf (glow in the dark minigolf) but it was full and we didn’t have a reservation so we visited the Mirror Maze instead and had a great time getting lost in there. It was a lot of fun!

A morning with Lea

One morning after dropping Rebekka off at school and doing a quick food shop, I took out my camera to document all we did that day. Lea couldn’t wait to get started with finger-painting, which led to building Duplo towers. She then wanted to make her own toast, getting very excited when it jumped up in the toaster! And I wasn’t allowed to hoover.. no.. “me do it, Mama!” and so she did.

Riding bikes in the dunes

As the weather gets warmer, we’re out on our bikes a whole lot more! Lea’s now interested in the ‘loopfiets’ (balance bike) and is beginning to get pretty speedy on it! Meanwhile, it looks like Rebekka will be upgrading to a bigger bike very soon!! She’s grown a lot over the Winter months!

Happy Flowers!

Tulips are my favourite flower so I love when tulip season begins :-) Unfortunately, this particular bunch were extremely thirsty and they drank ALL their water overnight. I came downstairs and was greeted by extremely droopy flowers flopped over the sides of the vase, they were looking very sad. I’d never seen that happen before! I topped up their water, hoped for the best and quickly left for the school run. When I returned home later, they were looking just as perky as when I’d bought them the day before! Impressive! Yay for happy flowers!!


So.. this is what 3 looks like! haha!

Doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold, my children are always barefoot! Tiny little toes on scrumptious little feet.. that are growing all too fast!

An artist at work

Don’t be fooled by her choice of clothing, it was definitely cold outside. I think she was channeling Summer!! Just loved watching her take a few quiet moments to draw.

The moustache

This is what happens when you Facetime with family and turn your attention away from your children for a few minutes! I’d left Rebekka and Lea noisily drawing together at the table and retreated to the sofa where I could still see them but could also hold a conversation with my Dad. They became quiet. Soon one mischievous 3-year-old coloured in her hands while a supposedly sensible almost-6-year-old added a couple of finishing touches to her little sister’s face! Realisation hit and I leapt up from my cozy spot on the sofa and was by their side in no time to interrupt all thoughts of continued artistry on Lea’s face. The pen was thankfully not permanent marker but it sure took it’s sweet time coming off!!

Baking cupcakes and licking out the bowl

Ohhh, this image makes my mother-heart sigh with happiness .. how I love these two! <3

‘Impressions’ is a creative project by an eclectic group of female photographers from around the globe. Every other month, we share a selection of images that tell the story of what inspired us in the previous weeks. We are free to explore the meaning of ‘impressions’, and it is likely to change month to month.

Say hello in the comments below and then hop on over to see what Kim Rogers of Brink Street Photography in Denver Colorado is sharing this month :-) Then continue clicking through the circle till you make it back here. I hope you enjoy all our posts!

With love,
~ Natalie


  1. Susanne Ashby

    Oh my goodness, these are all so fun!!! I can’t believe how big your girls are getting… love the happy toes pics! And I adore tulips, too! They’re my favorite!


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