The Hague Maternity & Newborn Photographer | a season of special memories as this family welcomes their fourth baby

Jan 30, 2018

three siblings hugging on the sofa | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

three children playing on the floor | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother building train tracks with her children | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father and son playing with a train set | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother and father feeling baby kicking | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father with his son who is pretending to have a baby in his tummy | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

family playing with cushions under their tops pretending they have a baby in their belly | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

a mother with her daughters, one girl playing a guitar while the other one hugs her mama | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

family with young children | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

pregnant mother and her young daughter | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

father kissing his newborn baby boy | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

a newborn baby boy laying on a big bed | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

toes and feet from all the family, from papa and mama to the children and the newborn baby. the mother has a tattoo on one foot | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

newborn baby wearing a dinosaur romper/onesie/vest and laying in his parents' arms. the father is kissing his son's hand | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

siblings. baby is sleeping and is being cuddled by his big sister | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

baby boy is sleeping in a Leander hanging cradle | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

grandmother holding her sleeping baby grandson | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

all the family on the sofa with grandma | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

grandma is on the sofa holding her baby grandson and looking towards another of her grandchildren with a big smile on her face | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

newborn baby boy is sleeping in his baby box /crib | Photographer: Natalie Carstens,

I love working with this family. They were anticipating the arrival of their second baby when we first met. Now they have welcomed their fourth.

Their home is a wonderful blend of cultures and heritage, changing and evolving over time. We include special items in their photos – a blanket, earrings, clothing, a train set – each piece with it’s own history and story to tell.

They inspire me with the beautiful way that everyone comes together – to play, to eat, to rest. They exude the perfect blend of chaos and calm.

I’m truly captivated by the way the children play and dance in front of my camera, all the while chatting in a language unknown to me. We speak together in actions and a simple mix of Dutch and German. They are happy and I feel their joy.

My heart is full.

These photos tell a piece of their family story, and I am grateful to capture it for them.

You can have memories like these too! Interested? Or ready to book? Send me a message, let’s make plans!

With love,
Natalie xx


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