Feel at Home in The Hague Fair – gifts and prizes!

Sep 9, 2013

Are you going to the Feel at Home in The Hague Fair on Sunday 15 September? If you are, you’ll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes – make sure to visit my stand in the ‘Children & Parenting‘ section! I’ll be joined by Stephanie Lowe from Mindful Birth – come and chat with us, we look forward to meeting you!

Gifts and Prizes

Are you pregnant? Pick up a special gift bag and enter the prize draw to win some fabulous prizes!

BabyBeGood Doos, Babyconcertjes gift voucher and Mindful Decisions book

BabyBeGood – the sustainable gift box for parents (to-be) and their babies

The top prize is a BabyBeGood Baby Gift Box – this is a wonderful gift for parents (to-be) and their babies.

BabyBeGood baby box - gift for baby

Anna Schoemakers, Tamara Hijl and Essi Aro are the creators behind the sustainable baby box initiative. The idea for a sustainable baby box was born after they noticed that even though there were lots of commercial baby boxes on the market, their purpose seemed to be more to promote the producers’ products for commercial gain rather than to be truly useful for the consumer. They wanted to change this; babies and their parents deserve better.

BabyBeGood strives for a more sustainable baby market. They want to promote purer and fairer products. What better way to do this, than by making a sustainable baby box? The BabyBeGood-box is full of appealing, pure and honest products for your baby and for you.

What is in the box?

The BabyBeGood-baby gift box is meant to help the parents (to-be) to give their new baby as good a start in their life as possible, and that is why they have packed the box full of sustainable and healthy products. Nothing in the box is harmful for your baby (no toxins). Just like you, they want the best for the baby, as well as for everyone else. Inside the box, you will find:

  • an organic body suit by Peaple (GOTS certified)
  • 150 ml babywash Madara organic skincare
  • toxic free wooden rattle made of local wood from Bosnia-Herzegovinia
  • organic rice porridge by Biobim
  • a toxic free bath duck by Een Veilig Nest
  • Mama Green magazine (in Dutch)
  • Eco- and childfriendly 0.5 lt detergent by Ecover

The participating producers have helped BabyBeGood to meet the costs, and that is why they are now able to offer the BabyBeGood-box for only 22,50 euros (excl.postage). The true value of the box is more than 50 euros. They’ve also included discount vouchers for some inspiring web shops.

Many thanks to BabyBeGood for the wonderful prize!

Babyconcertjes – Musical performances for parents and babies (0-2 years)

Win a Gift Voucher for a Babyconcertje of your choice!

Babyconcertjes - musical performances for parents and babies (0-2 years)

Babyconcertjes is a series of live performances to the same standards as the concert hall, with a big difference: here your baby is welcome! In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, parents and babies alike can enjoy beautiful music. Come and meet other parents and babies, enjoy some tea and cake, and settle down to enjoy chamber music carefully selected for your and your babies’ listening pleasure. The concerts are aimed at babies from 0-2 but older brothers and sisters are welcome to join.

The music

Each concert is different, with music ranging from the Baroque era through Classical and Romantic to Tango. They invite acclaimed (and baby-friendly!) musicians from Holland and beyond to play solos, duos and small ensembles. Each baby concert lasts about 45 minutes.

Many thanks to Anna Smith and Babyconcertjes for the wonderful prize!

Mindful Decisions – Intentional Family Decision Making

Win a copy of Mindful Decisions by Marie Vijendran

  • Do you want to be a more relaxed and confident parent?
  • Does negotiating a family decision frustrate you?
  • Do you have a hard time prioritising what’s important for your family?

Mindful Decisions (book) - Intentional Family Decision Making - Marie Vijendran

In Mindful Decisions, Marie Vijendran writes with authority both about decision making and the challenges of modern parenthood.

Rather than being paralysed through an excess of information or the notion of making the ‘best’ choice, we can free ourselves by tuning into our instincts.

Marie demonstrates that with the right conditions, we can find a balance between logic and emotion.

By incorporating powerful visuals she guides us towards making decisions that are ‘good enough’.

This book is an elegant combination of the latest in decision making knowledge and the benefits of adopting a mindful attitude.

Learn how to capitalise on an ability to stay in the moment and make a good enough decision for your family.

Many thanks to Marie Vijendran and Mindful Birth for the wonderful prize!

See you at the Fair!

There’s just one free entry ticket remaining in the giveaway that I announced yesterday, grab it quick! Tickets are 5 euros at the door (children are free).

Discover all there is to do in your free time:

  • Over 150 standholders
  • Exciting entertainment programme
  • Fun interactive activities for adults and kids
  • Inspiring volunteering programme

More information: www.feelathomeinthehague.com

See you at the fair! :-)


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