Breastfeeding Information Market at Bronovo Hospital

Sep 26, 2013

It was lovely to meet with so many expectant parents at the Feel at Home in The Hague fair a couple of weekends ago – and congratulations to the prize draw winners, who should now be in possession of those wonderful gifts that were generously donated by BabyBeGood, Babyconcertjes and Mindful Birth.

Just a quick note that tomorrow, Friday 27 September 2013, there is a Breastfeeding Information Market at Bronovo Hospital. It takes place between 13:00-16:00 in the Auditorium on the 4th floor. All are welcome, admission is free.

Newborn baby breastfeeding | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

The Breastfeeding Information Market is in preparation for World Breastfeeding Week (which for The Netherlands, takes place next week). This year’s theme emphasises the importance of a community support system to help mothers establish and sustain breastfeeding.

The lactation consultant and nurses of the maternity and pediatric wards will be there throughout the afternoon to answer your questions, and you’ll also have a chance to meet with representatives from breastfeeding organisations such as Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk and La Leche League.

It’s a nice opportunity to discover businesses with products and services that you may be interested in – meet a sling consultant, discover Belly Fashion, learn about baby gestures and the benefits of baby massage. I’ll also be there to share my work and talk with you about birth story photography.

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I look forward to meeting you!

love Natalie xx


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