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Feb 12, 2020

Twins, Ella and Mia, were born naturally at 35 weeks. In the beginning, Mia lay in a warm bed and needed extra help with her lungs. They were both fed by tube initially. Now they are able to drink from a bottle and are learning to take a break while drinking to breathe. Mama, Ines, is doing a wonderful job expressing milk for them, and they are both breastfeeding well too.

The whole family were there for our Earlybirds photoshoot, and it was wonderful to hear the news that the twins could go home that same day!

Ella and Mia were both sleeping when I arrived. Ella was woken first and held by her big sister, Emma. The twins were having a bath on alternate days and on that day it was Mia’s turn. Papa, Essad, bathed Mia with some help from her big brother, Max. Emma and Max were so proud and caring with their baby sisters. It was really sweet to see them together.

The twins lay together for a short while and then it was time for a feed. Ines fed Ella, while Emma fed Mia with some help and encouragement from Papa. With bellies full, the girls were placed all cosy together in Mama’s lap and I said my goodbyes.

Dear Ella and Mia, Ines, Essad, Emma and Max,
Thank you for such a wonderful morning. It was an absolute pleasure to make these photos for you.
I wish you all the very best, with much love.
Natalie xx


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