Babywearing: we love our ERGObaby carrier!

I’ve previously shared our challenge over deciding which travel pram system to buy so I thought I’d share one of our other purchases: the ERGObaby carrier.

Family Carstens

We LOVE the ERGObaby! It goes everywhere with us. In fact, I actually don’t remember the last time we used the pushchair!

The Joolz Day travel pram system

Even though we haven’t used it in a while, I still think the Joolz Day was a great buy for us. When we were searching and deciding what to get, we had reservations that we wouldn’t use the cot that often and it would be a bit of a waste of money – we couldn’t have been more wrong!

We used the cot a lot, especially in those early months. Rebekka had plenty of naps in it during our long walks through the dunes.

Choosing a carrier: Moby Wrap & ERGObaby

When Rebekka was about three months old, I decided to try the ERGObaby carrier; it had been on my wish list long before Rebekka was born.

I’d already bought the Moby Wrap but after using it a couple of times, decided it wasn’t for me. I still wanted to babywear and with so many great reviews and recommendations for the ERGObaby, an ergonomic soft structured carrier (SSC), I just knew that we’d love that one.

Renting the ERGObaby

Here in The Hague, there is a Breastfeeding Centre with the possibility to rent slings, wraps and carriers. After being shown the safe way to put it on (it only takes a second to fasten the two clips), I rented the ERGObaby carrier with the newborn insert for two weeks.

Rebekka wasn’t so sure at first. It was new and different for the first few minutes, and fun. But then she wanted OUT! I persevered with it and I’m so glad I did. It only took a few times for her to get used to it. And in hardly any time at all we were going for long walks, shopping trips, hopping on-and-off the trams and buses. She quite often slept in it too. So I bought it!

Instagram: nataliecarstens

Our babywearing adventures on Instagram

I love having Rebekka so close, and both my hands free! It makes life so easy! It’s been especially great to use when Rebekka isn’t feeling well and just wants to snuggle close (typically after those early vaccinations and resulting fever!).

By the time Rebekka was big enough to use the seat on the Joolz Day, we were already using the ERGObaby carrier a lot so the seat has barely had any use.

Travelling with only the ERGObaby

The big test was a two-week trip to the UK to spend Rebekka’s first Christmas with my family. We prefer to travel by ferry and since the Joolz Day takes up so much room in the car, this time we decided to leave it behind.

We didn’t miss it at all! In fact we savoured the extra space and filled the car with presents on the way there and stocked up with British goodies on our return, and we’ve travelled without it ever since.

3 carry positions

Whilst I prefer wearing Rebekka in front, she likes to see where we’re going and I occasionally wear her on my hip or my back. Here’s a couple of helpful how-to videos for the back carry and the hip carry positions:

Back Carry with the ERGObaby

Hip Carry with the ERGObaby

I love babywearing and highly recommend the ERGObaby carrier! Can’t imagine life without it now!

Tula Toddler Carrier

I’ve recently discovered Tula have carriers for toddlers (they have an extension of the middle panel so that the carrier supports the legs right to the knee – keeping the ergonomic M position.

It’s on my wish list for when Rebekka grows out of the ERGObaby. It’ll be perfect for when her little legs get tired of walking – and climbing! She’s a busy little one since she learned to walk run!

Happy Babywearing!

With love

Family portrait photo credit: Vinita Salomé Photography


  1. Vinita

    Really enjoyed reading this post! I had no clue they had toddler carriers too! Pretty cool!

  2. Davina

    Thank you for your review on the ergo baby. I was just wondering where you purchased yours in The Hague. Or do you think I should also rent one first to see how we like it? If so, which breast feeding centre did you rent it from? Thanks in advance! Davina

  3. Davina

    Just saw the link to the breast feeding centre ☺️.

    • Natalie

      Great to hear you found my review helpful! The ERGObaby is still top of my list as a must-have, and in fact we still use it occasionally now that my daughter is 21 months. You can buy, as well as rent, the ERGObaby from the Vita Nova Breastfeeding Centre that I’ve linked to in my post. We actually bought the one we rented (with a slight discount because it was a rental one). Happy Babywearing! :-)

  4. Davina

    Thanks for the info Natalie! I just might do the same. Best of luck.


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