Impressions from January & February : a personal project

Mar 20, 2016


[1] & [2] Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam
We’re still keeping up with our tradition of ‘growing taller’ photos with the pigs’ head! ;-) This was the first zoo trip where Lea was out of the pram and good grief, there was no stopping her! We were amazed at how much walking she did. Freedom! Keeping her in one spot proved challenging so this was the best we got of her near the pigs’ head!


[3] Eddy
Since the day we moved house, this is the spot where Eddy spends most of his time. Curled up on our bed.. ohhhh the life of a cat!


[4] Heave-ho!
Ha ha! I couldn’t stop laughing whilst taking this photo! We had a large parcel delivered and although it was very heavy, Lea was determined to push it along the floor. The fact she had been dressing up just prior and was still wearing a high-visibility vest certainly helped make this an amusing moment!


[5] Blue.
If you’ve been following my other personal project ‘an image that speaks volumes‘ you’ll remember that the last post had the theme ‘blue‘. I almost shared the image above but at the last minute, decided on something else. These blue shoes once belonged to me. They are lay on a blanket I was wrapped in at my Christening. Two meaningful items, from different moments in my childhood, that my Mum kept and saved. I don’t remember wearing those shoes and I wonder why she chose to keep them. They are too big to have been my first pair of shoes. What memories did they have for her? I will never know. But I will keep them too.


[6] When the littles get together
Times are changing. The big littles are starting school in the coming weeks and there’s now a gorgeous new baby in the group which means ‘Baby Lea’ has been bumped off her baby spot! These fun (almost-)weekly playdates are going to be different soon. Holding on to the memories..!


[7] Something is missing.. do you know what?
The tooth fairy paid Rebekka a visit in January.. her little front tooth that was chipped when she fell more than 2 years ago started to wobble. It wobbled a long long time. And then I got a call from the creche. It had fallen out while she was eating an apple. They were a bit shocked that Rebekka lost a tooth so soon! At first, I was a little bit sad that her characterful little chipped tooth was gone. Now though, I’m so used to the gap that it’s hard to think back to when her little chipped tooth was there!


[8] No words… no words at all!

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Till next time..!

With love,
~ Natalie


  1. Vinita

    So lovely to see the girls again and the expressions are to die for!!

  2. Susanne Ashby

    The pictures of your kids are just darling! And your kitty!! I am totally jealous of our cats… haha! They’ve got the life!

  3. Kim

    I still can’t get over how quickly they are growing. I love that photo at the zoo- it is so neat to see them grow! I’m always winded when the baby starts walking- they want to see the whole world!



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