Impressions from March & April 2015 : a personal project

May 10, 2015

It’s time for another round of Impressions! I set out with the intention that I would take my big camera outside the house and photograph things other than my girls. Well, that did happen, I promise! But when it came time to select 8 photos, yes only 8 (although you will see that I cheat at the end!), it was impossible for me to choose any that didn’t include my girls. They are my world. I love that this project helps me to consciously document family life.

Here’s a few moments I want to remember from March and April.


[1] Lea, 5 months
She’s getting all big now!!


[2 & 3] Sisters
These two. My heart.


[4] Rebekka’s 3rd Birthday Party
Rebekka was so excited that she was going to have a “lello birthday” party (she’s ditched pink, her favourite colour is now YELLOW!). Her Grandma and Grandad came to visit and we decorated with bunting and yellow balloons, had an amazing cake made by Perfect Pastry and a trio of friends (Leo, George and Nicole) who she’s known almost her whole life came to celebrate with her.


[5] A taste of carrots… “this isn’t boob?!”
Where in the world did the last six months go?! I can’t believe it’s already time for Lea to be eating proper foods! Rebekka loves to feed Lea, and encourages her with “say aaaaah” “yummy, Layla” (still working on getting her to drop the second ‘l’ !!) and “lekker Layla” but Lea just isn’t interested. She wants the boob! (We recently tried banana, and she’ll finish that – yay! – so I think we’re getting somewhere now…)


[6] Grandad – with his youngest Granddaughter || Laughter
Just looking at this photo and the sounds of Lea’s giggles are fresh in my mind! She’s incredibly ticklish along her collar bone, and her giggles are adorable! What a treat for Grandad to hear that sound in person :-)


[7] Lea, 6 months
Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Girl!


[8] Concentration
Rebekka loves to paint. Painting and cycling, those are two of her favourite things right now!


[Bonus 8!] Instagram
I took an exceptional number of photos these past two months so i’m sneaking in a few iPhone ones too.

Left to right (top row): [1] Lea, 4 months old, and delicious! [2] Rebekka, home from a firefighter birthday party and not wanting to take off her YELLOW fire chief hat! [3] This turned out to be Rebekka’s last ride out on her loopfiets (balance bike). [4] In the egg at Blijdorp Zoo.

Left to right (bottom row): [5] Supporting our local football club with matching ADO Den Haag Fan t-shirts! Hubby is hoping we’ll get a family season ticket one day! [6] Lea’s growing fast, 5 months here! [7] A new YELLOW bike for Rebekka’s 3rd birthday! She was a very happy birthday girl!! [8] In our lift on the way home with two tired littles (and a tired mama!)

Want to see more? Join me over on Instagram and follow me at nataliecarstens :)

Impressions‘ is a creative project by an eclectic group of female photographers from around the globe. We aim to share the inspiration behind what we do through our bi-monthly posts.

Every other month, we will be sharing 8 images that tell the story of what inspired us in the previous weeks: our families, nature, weather, or maybe even work itself! We are free to explore the meaning of ‘impressions’, and it is likely to change month to month.

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With love,
~ Natalie


  1. Susanne

    Rebekka is a girl after my own heart! Yellow was my favorite color as a child, too!!

    • Natalie

      :-D it’s such a happy colour, I like it too!

  2. Antonina

    Wonderful pictures Natalie. I can’t imagine any “impressions” that don’t include our kids :)

    • Natalie

      So true…! Thank you, Antonina! :-)

  3. Vinita

    Love these! The girls look tooooooo sweet!!!!

  4. Kim

    I love that she loves yellow! I can’t believe how fast they are growing.

    • Natalie

      I know right… so happy to have these photos to look back on :-) Yours are growing fast too, amazing how fast time rolls by (and yet how long some days can seem!! ha!)


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