Images to Inspire Hope | Hope draws it’s power through a sign of solidarity

Apr 25, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, a tweet by @overheardatmoo caught my eye:

“If you can spare the time, take a look at this creative and touching way to help support the people of Japan –

I looked at the link.

I retweeted.

I emailed Vinita.

And the next time we met up, we took a photo for Japan + Tohoku.

This is an incredibly touching project, take a look.

Our hearts are with Japan.

Is yours?

With love,
Natalie and Vinita

** Images to Inspire Hope **

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  1. BCOME

    Dear Natalie! Dear Vinita!

    Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your kind support at 心は共に with your lovely photo!!!

    We, the team of Kokorowatomoni, have been doing volunteering for a week in the Iwate prefecture, up in the North, where we tried to show as much people as possible the website and world wide support!! I can just tell you, that we got a lot of positive feedback and were told that a lot of people really appreciate it very much such a sign of solidarity! So thank you very much from Japan, where I am back in Tokyo, thinking what can be done next.

    Love your idea and initiative!!!! Good luck with it!!!! Every support is more than welcome and a lot of my Japanese friends told me that they appreciate it very very much how many warm messages and help actions are arriving in Japan from all over the world!!!

    Cheers from Tokyo,
    Benigna a.k.a BCOME


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