a special birth story and a family’s first moments at home

Jan 20, 2014

Take a moment for yourself, make a cup of tea and have some tissues nearby. Let me invite you to watch a beautiful birth story unfold and marvel in those precious first moments at home where a big sister gets to meet her newborn baby brother for the first time.

This is the birth story of Phineas Joaquin

Hedda and Michiel, you were an amazing team; so united and strong. It was a privilege to witness your journey of labour and birth. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this experience with you and for allowing me to share your story. I hope you treasure these images always.
Much love to you all xx

Hospital: Hagaziekenhuis, The Hague
Midwifery Practice: Tara Verloskundigen

If you’re reading in a feed reader or can’t see the slideshow, please click here to view the larger version.


  1. Vinita

    What a beautiful birth story! I always need more than a few tissues when I watch one of your birth stories!

    • Natalie

      :-) Here too, Vinita – bringing all the elements together to tell the story in this way is so very special. Thank you for your lovely comment!

    • Natalie

      Thank you, Adrienne! :-)

  2. Lena

    Beautiful images – I am sure they will be treasured forever!

  3. Holly

    Oh Natalie, this one tugged at my heart. Hedda did an amazing job and with Michiel by her side I know they would have been the most amazing team. You captured it all to perfection, reducing me to tears on more than one occasion! Just beautiful xxx

  4. Renee

    Just gorgeous photos, thanks to you and the parents for sharing. I’m not having any more babies so it’s nice to just enjoy the stories of others, captured so beautifully by your talent!

  5. Elske

    So moving and so beautifully done – how precious to be able to show your children this when they are older and to see much your parents love each other and you! MIght be a reminder for many, when ultimately they grow apart, that there were such beautiful moments. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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