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Family maternity portrait session in The Hague with Natalie Carstens | The Birth Photographer

These relaxed and enjoyable family photo sessions are ideal for preserving visual memories of the everyday as well as the special moments in your life, such as pregnancy or welcoming a new baby.

I love to photograph life as it is, right now, undirected and unscripted; real moments documented in a very honest way. However, I also find that some families appreciate a little guidance and direction during their session. This is why I offer a unique blend of storytelling documentary family photography and guided lifestyle family photography.

We’ll discuss your expectations and wishes ahead of time and we’ll spend a few moments at the beginning of your session to get to know each other so that you feel completely at ease in front of the camera and fully able to trust in my photographic vision.

As I work, I’m anticipating a time, many years in the future, when you will look back over the photographs we make together. Through these visual memories, you will remember the home you once lived in, or a frequently visited place you loved. You will remember how incredible your body was as it grew and nurtured a new life. Images of you cradling a tiny baby whilst simultaneously playing with your toddler will evoke feelings of nostalgia and love.

These are photographs for your future. They are for your children and your grandchildren to cherish.

Embrace this wonderful and special time in your lives, and simply, be.


THE BIRTH EXPERIENCE   ** limited availability in 2019 **

The Birth of a Baby Boy, Hagaziekenhuis, The Hague | Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer

Photographs of a birth are incredibly special. To welcome a baby into the world is magical, it’s all-consuming, and powerful.

I always meet with you before you book so that we can get to know each other and so that you feel comfortable inviting me to join you for such an intimate experience.

Silently, I join you during your labour to document unique and special moments of connection, strength and love during your birthing experience.

I focus on capturing the mood in the room, the supportive and caring relationship between you and your partner, your strength as a birthing mother, all the emotions and wonderful first moments after your baby is born, as well as all the small details that help to tell your unique birth story. Please be assured that I use discretion when taking and processing your images to ensure that the images you receive are heartfelt and tasteful.

Your visually emotive birth story film features beautiful black-and-white storytelling images, carefully interweaved with film footage of your baby’s magical and fleeting first moments. You will love to reflect and remember your extraordinary journey in this special way.