Working safely during Covid-19

Apr 15, 2020

Understandably, the current situation with Covid-19 brings some caution when booking your photo session and I would like to reassure you that I’m taking extra precautions in order to work safely and to prevent or control the spread of infection.

Health and safety is at the forefront of my mind when I’m photographing babies and I don’t want to put anyone at risk.

Precautions on my part:

  • Prior to your photo session, I am limiting all social contact by avoiding crowded places and unnecessary outings.
  • I’m taking extra care with keeping all high-touch surfaces clean (including my camera equipment).
  • I’m washing hands with soap for 20 seconds and using hand disinfectant spray/gel frequently.
  • My clothing is changed immediately before and after your photo session and I will not be wearing jewellery.
  • You will also see me washing my hands during your photo session – in fact it will be the first thing I do when I arrive, as is normal for my sessions with newborns.
  • I’m only booking one photo session per day.

Planning your newborn photo session:

  • I advise that we arrange your newborn session to take place after the kraamzorg period with your maternity nurse has ended. This is to minimise the risk of contamination.
  • I will check in with you the day before your session to ask about the health of your family and to confirm that your session goes ahead.
  • Most importantly, if anyone in your family (or mine) starts showing symptoms similar to Covid-19 within 3 days prior to your photo session, we will postpone and find a new date.
    Possible symptoms include:

    • cold symptoms
    • sneezing
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath
    • fever greater than 38 degrees celsius

On the day of your photo session:

  • When I’m working in your home, I’m keeping the 1.5m distance as best as possible. When this is not possible, I will be wearing a mask.
  • I will be using longer focal length lenses so that I can maintain the distance as much as possible while still being able to capture images that seem like we’re closer.
  • Because of my documentary-style approach to photographing your family, there is no reason for me to touch you or your baby. I will provide guidance when needed.

All this being said, I’m aware that in the current circumstances plans could change. I’m monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe, stay healthy xx

Published: 15 April 2020

Latest information and advice about Covid-19:


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