Impressions from October : a personal project

Nov 8, 2013

Impressions‘ is a creative project by an eclectic group of female photographers from around the globe. We aim to share the inspiration behind what we do through our monthly posts.

On the 8th of each month, we will be sharing 8 images that tell the story of what inspired us in the previous weeks: our families, nature, weather, or maybe even work itself! We are free to explore the meaning of ‘impressions’, and it is likely to change month to month.

When it came to choosing the images I wanted to share, I never imagined I would find it so difficult to choose only 8 images! Here is my selection for October:

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[1] The birth of Faye. Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG), Amsterdam.

In this moment, I remember my heart was overflowing with joy, gratitude and admiration. It’s such an honour and a privilege to be invited to share in the intimate moment of birth. I left the hospital completely in awe of the serene and peaceful manner in which Meg coped with the hard work of labour. It was a privilege to witness the partnership between these new parents as they brought their first baby into the world, united in love and strength. It was such a moving experience.

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[2] A dried thistle globe. Meijendal Duinen, Scheveningen.

I was out walking through the dunes with my daughter, Rebekka, and I saw these spikey globes out of the corner of my eye. I stopped, curious to know what it might be. Even though this weed is dying, it’s still pretty – and it just goes to show that there is beauty in everything when you look for it. I’ve walked along this path a few times since, but those dried thistle globes are no longer there, someone’s been along and tidied up the path in preparation for winter.

But this photo is not just about what you see, it holds a memory for me too.

While I had stopped to take this photograph, a little girl who was out walking her dog with her father stopped to talk to me – in Dutch of course. We’d passed each other earlier and I guess they were now returning home. After hearing me point out to Rebekka “look, a dog!”, she was very proud to tell me that her dog’s name was Sonja. It took me by surprise and gave my brain quite a workout as I tried to find the right words to say and in the right language! They continued on and I went back to taking a couple more photographs but I soon caught up with them. They were just a little further along the path and the little girl was asking her father to pick one of the tall grasses for her. She turned around and gifted it to me. She was so sweet!

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[3] A tree with a face, Clingendael Park.

Do you see it? :-) I love walking amongst old, tall trees with thick trunks and sprawling branches. Walking in this park and in the woods feels a little bit like being ‘home’ to me :-)

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[4] A walk in the dunes with Rebekka (and ‘Mr Rabbit’). Meijendal Duinen, Scheveningen.

Rebekka was patiently waiting whilst I stopped to take a few photos of a special place in the dunes – and when it came to choosing which images to share, I decided I like this one far more than the view I’d actually stopped to photograph ;-)

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[5] Owl Butterfly, Amazonica – Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam.

I love the delicate details in this butterfly’s wings; in some ways, the pattern reminds me of an aged map of the world. So pretty and perfect.

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[6] Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam.

I love watching Rebekka explore. She can be so curious sometimes. And quite determined in which direction it is that she wants to walk. Visiting the zoo becomes even more fun each time we go!

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[7] Reflections, Clingendael Park.

This was a visit to the park on my own. I’d just dropped Rebekka off at the creche and the warm sunshine, beautiful autumn colours and cloudless blue sky called me outdoors instead of to the computer to work, and so I indulged in a little time for myself. It was absolutely what I needed to start my work day!

Impressions Blog Circle - October 2013

[8] Reflections, Clingendael Park.

Here, the reflection in the water stopped me in my tracks as I crossed over the bridge. I love the beautiful warm colours of autumn.

Through this project, I’ve discovered that not only do I take photographs to document something I see, but also something I feel. Many of the photographs I took during the last month were because I wanted to remember that moment, and how I was feeling at the time. My memories are strongly attached to the photographs. A single photograph can hold so much power, it’s fascinating to me how they can take you right back to that fleeting moment in time.

I’m so glad to be participating in this project, it’s a challenge to carry a camera and lenses with all the paraphernalia that goes along with a toddler! But it’s resulted in some beautiful memories that were best captured with a camera than with an iPhone. However, I was still busy taking photos with my iPhone, as you will see from my Instagram feed.

Please continue through the circle and see what Leslie Huckey Sarten of Leslie Meadow Photography is sharing this month :) Then continue clicking through the circle till you make it back here – I hope you enjoy all our posts!

With love,


  1. Vinita

    Beautiful reflections of the month! Enjoyed every one of them!

  2. Jennifer

    I just love to see your daughter grow up and explore the world here and on instagram. And I live the birth picture too – so much intimacy in a single picture.

  3. Leslie

    I loved looking at these and reading the stories! Gorgeous month of impressions! That tree is my fav! So cool!

  4. Antonina

    Love them – great stories too! So fun to see everyone’s interpretations!

  5. Kim

    Oh my goodness I love these! Especially the stories.

  6. Lisa Hall

    Beautiful images Natalie! Love the one of Rebecca looking into the hog’s mouth! And the reflections image – takes a while to ‘see’ it!

  7. Natalie

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to leave a comment, here as well as on Facebook! I love that you enjoyed this post so much, it makes me excited for next month :-) Have a lovely weekend! xx

  8. Karola

    Nat, Love your pictures and comments. Reflections are always great.
    Just beautiful.

  9. Kirsty

    I love that you shared moments that are so different from your normal posts – lovely to see a bit more of your world



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