The Birth of Lola Anne

The birth of a baby girl - Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer“Having Natalie to capture the birth of our first baby was an easy and most natural decision, having met with her prior to discuss our wishes.

The birth of a child is undoubtedly the most intimate event one can witness, and we were apprehensive at first. But Natalie’s calm and sincere nature made the entire process a smooth and beautiful experience. Her quiet, unobtrusive and incredibly precise method of capturing these most precious moments are what I just know will make her very successful in her field.

I was expecting that having an extra person in the room would impact quite heavily on the event, but to be honest, I don’t even recall her being in the room during the birth, except for once when I noticed that she had put the camera down in favor of fanning my face with a magazine! The kindness Natalie showed me during and after the birth will stay with me always.

Natalie worked in a very discreet manner throughout. She didn’t talk and there was no loud clicking of the camera going on, or at least not that I noticed! That was something I worried about beforehand, that any interference would be distracting, but it was absolutely the opposite. Natalie offered nothing but absolute professionalism and kindness both during and after the experience.

The images Natalie presented us with afterwards are absolutely beautiful. They captured the entire birth perfectly, and all of the emotions that arose throughout those intense 24 hours. They reduce me to tears even now, two years on. We frequently watch the little video Natalie created from the images, which also includes some live footage. It has been especially nice to be able to share it with my closest friends and family who live in Australia and couldn’t share the pregnancy or birth experience with me.

We were both immensely happy with the birth experience, and would love to have Natalie present at the birth of our next baby, not that we’re in a hurry to go through that again! But when the time comes, Natalie will be on our speed dial.

I have recommended a good friend of mine, who has booked Natalie in for the birth of her second child. I regularly mention Natalie’s services and will continue to do so. Though some might be apprehensive to the idea of having a practical stranger present during such an intimate experience, they always change their mind when they see the images. So beautifully tasteful in black and white, they speak for themselves.”

– Holly


"Natalie's calm and sincere nature made the entire process a smooth and beautiful experience. Her quiet, unobtrusive and incredibly precise method of capturing these most precious moments are what I just know will make her very successful in her field."

- Holly September 27, 2013


The Birth of Olivia Pearl

The birth of a baby girl - Natalie Carstens, The Birth Photographer“Natalie offers a peaceful, calm, and gentle energy laced with the utmost care for privacy during such an important life changing day.

I was happy to reflect in the slideshow to see the moments captured where I simply missed them due to the overall busy aspects during my daughter’s birth. It was great to have an outsider view for this day which also helped give closure to the events.

I was in a zone during natural laboring where I didn’t notice much unless it was a message delivered from the nurse or doctor in regards to how the baby was doing. Natalie’s presence was constantly in the background and at all times mindful of my wishes which were agreed up front.

As both my husband and I are not creative with cameras, nor did we want to have to worry about remembering to pull out our devices to capture our daughter’s birth, we were both very grateful for this service from Natalie.

Thanks Natalie again for being available to us that long, oh so very long night and even while you were yourself pregnant!”

– Audra


"Oh Natalie, what beautiful pictures and moments...full of love! I feel very touched by your pictures..."

- Bettina November 9, 2013


The Birth of Zéphyrin

The Birth of a Baby Boy - Natalie CarstensWhat was your favourite thing about working with me?
“Kindness. Amazing energy of love, care and connection to Earth. Professionalism.”

Did you gain anything from the experience that you didn’t expect?
“I gained a safe delivery thanks to your presence and assistance. Only when I could go through the pictures (1 year !?), I knew I was “getting” over the shock and suffering of that evening. Each time I see the slideshow, it seems a part of me can heal, deeper and deeper.”

How would you describe my presence at your birth?
“Soft, discrete, reassuring, vital.”

“Natalie has such a gift. She brought a kind, soft, loving presence. Every picture she takes has a meaning, and the slideshow became a work of art. We feel blessed to have had Natalie with us on that special day.”

– Marie, Eric & Zéphyrin


"Why didn’t I know you when I was pregnant? ;-) These are lovely, Natalie"

- Tanja September 27, 2013


The Birth of Faye

The Birth Story of Faye, OLVG Amsterdam“Dear Natalie,

It was one of the best things that happened to us in 2013, that we have discovered your work. Thank you for sharing the special moment with us. It was inspiring to see how much genuine love you put into your work and all the babies you encounter. We feel honoured to be part of this.

We wish you and your family a great 2014.

Best wishes, 
Meg, Panos and Faye”




"Wow! Those are amazing photos, you are so talented Natalie!"

- John October 24, 2013


The Birth of Phineas Joaquin

“Thank you Natalie for sharing these incredibly special moments with us. We just watched the birth story together and it is amazing! Michiel’s exact words were that it is ‘art’. What a beautiful memory to have of this special moment, we are so grateful to have had you there.

It was a truly incredible experience that we will now be able to hold onto for years to come!”

– Hedda





"Wonderful ! absolutely love it.

You did an amazing job.


- Marie November 27, 2013