Giving back through photography

Photography is a gift. A single photograph holds so much power.

I’d like to share this gift, with you.


– An initiative led by Natalie Carstens and Vinita Salomé

Images to Inspire Hope | lifestyle family portraiture

Images to Inspire Hope is about giving back through photography. We donate our photography services to raise money for charities supporting families dealing with crisis and disaster situations. By donating to our chosen charity, you will have the chance to win a family photo session with both Vinita and I.

Family photographs are precious. Your memories are wrapped up tightly in each and every image. By capturing and freezing the treasured moments between children and families, we believe that a single image can heal hearts.

For more info, visit



– Truthful photographs and stories to celebrate the irreplaceable beauty of women and the global body positive movement

pregnancy-maternity session - Natalie Carstens, The Birth PhotographerIt’s an honour to be a regional photographer for the A Beautiful Body Project. This project portrays real, natural women who want truthful images without airbrushing and digital augmentation to celebrate them just as they are and to see their irreplaceable beauty.

Therapeutic photoshoots and story-telling is complex beyond simply snapping a photo: we want to inspire women around the world to build healthy self-esteem, confidence, and shift body-image-perception for future generations of girls. For more information about the project, visit

My specialty is early motherhood. Don’t wait. Celebrate who you are, right at this moment. If you’d like to book A Beautiful Body photo session with me, please contact me for details.



It’s heart-warming to be able to give back to the community and make a difference in the world through the powerful medium of photography. If you have a charitable need that could be filled through my photography services, please submit a written request via email to with the subject: Giving Back


Organisations previously receiving donated photography services include:
Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan, ACCESS NL, Inspiration through Art (formerly the Littlest Heroes Project), Stichting Painted Dog Conservation, International Food Fair, Family Solutions (conferences), American Women’s Club of The Hague, Women’s Business Initiative International