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Natalie Carstens - The Birth Photographer, The HagueHi, I’m Natalie Carstens!

I’m a documentary family photographer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. I specialise in preserving visual memories of your birth story – for you, for your children, and for generations to come.

I believe there is no bond stronger than mother and child.

To welcome a baby into the world is magical, it’s all-consuming, and powerful.

With a mother’s eye, this is what I’d love to document for you. These are the stories I love to tell.

My Story

I’m British, with a German husband and have two young daughters who are growing up Dutch. I dream of safari adventures in Africa and can’t wait to one day share our love of the wilderness with our daughters.

I love a good cuppa Yorkshire Tea, dinner with friends, and I make a mean lasagne that is highly sought after!

I love the outdoors, long walks, animals and wildlife.

I love life.

I love family-time.

I love being a mum of girls.

I love documenting birth stories, and those precious early weeks with a newborn baby.

My Passion for Birth Photography

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing it is to have your birth story captured in professional photographs. Perhaps you haven’t considered it till now, and are unsure if it’s something for you.

As a mother, who had the birth of both daughters photographed, I can tell you that these images are incredibly special to have.

To watch the slideshows of my labour and birth play before my eyes is incredibly moving. They stir up all kinds of emotions, of love, of strength, of togetherness, of joy and pure happiness. They bring a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.

Seeing my husband as a first-time father and holding our daughter for the first time is so touching, it makes my heart swell at the memory of it.

Welcoming a baby into the world is truly a wondrous experience. Having that experience documented in photographs is a gift like no other.

* I am happy to share my written birth stories and the photos, please ask! *

How I became The Birth Photographer

It was my love of wildlife that took me to Africa, but it was Africa that made me a photographer – it was watching a moment unfold, not knowing what would happen next and trying to capture it; the excitement, the anticipation, moments where you catch your breath, and your heart beats faster and harder.

Several years later, after totally immersing myself in all things photography, I decided to wave goodbye to my career in IT security and forensics, to follow my passion and become a professional photographer.

Captivated by expectant mothers and newborns, I instantly knew this is what I wanted to specialise in when I founded Tigs Creations Photography back in 2008.

In the years of running Tigs Creations, I came across the work of several birth photographers in the USA. Their birth story films brought tears to my eyes, even though I didn’t know the people pictured in them. These storytelling images and films touched my heart. I wondered if expectant parents in The Netherlands would feel the same way. They did.

A new door opened and in 2011 I documented a beautiful and moving birth story. The experience transformed my photography business and I went on to work under my own name, specialising in birth story photography.

It brings me so much joy to capture such precious moments for my clients. Being there to photograph a birth is a huge privilege and is dear to my heart.

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing this wonderful journey with me. Let’s meet soon!


our family

with love,

“It was one of the best things that happened to us, that we have discovered your work. Thank you for sharing the special moment with us. It was inspiring to see how much genuine love you put into your work and all the babies you encounter. We feel honoured to be part of this.” – Meg, Panos and Faye


Ready to work with me? Contact me! I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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